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How to write a research paper

  1. Choice the topic
    • Ask yourself important questions
    • Pick something you like
    • Stay original
    • Ask for advice
    • Be ready to change the topic
  2. Researching
    • Begin the research
    • Look for empirical research
    • Visit the library
    • Look online
    • Use academic resources
  3. Make outline
    • Annotate your research
    • Organize your notes
    • Construct a preliminary bibliography/references page
    • Identify the goal of the paper
    • Determine your audience
    • Develop your thesis
    • Determine your main points
    • Consider formatting guidelines
    • Finalize your outline
  4. Write your paper
    • Write your body paragraphs
    • Write the conclusion
    • Write the introduction
    • Document your paper
    • Edit your rough draft
    • Create the final draft

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Recent Articles

How To Format A Bibliography Page Of A Research Paper In APA

APA is the most well known, respected and universally accepted style for quoting sources in papers and essays, especially in social science. Many students need to learn all the rules when it comes to writing in APA style, because most of your professors will acknowledge only that style for citation of sources in your papers. If you don't master it straight away, you will surely encounter difficulties along your academic journey. One of the most challenging parts of mastering APA style for students is the rules concerning bibliography.

  1. Learn the basics
  2. Many freshmen students never before have been in situation to create something that is called bibliography, and is commonly used in essays, published papers and other scientific articles. Bibliography is a part of an essay or a paper where you list all the books, articles and web pages you have used in your research. Thou professors rarely emphasize the importance of good bibliography, chances are that it will be the first thing they will look at. If your books and sources are in order, your professor will have a starting positive experience with your paper, and you are more likely to get a better grade.

  3. Follow the rules
  4. When you start to write your bibliography, make sure to know all the rules suggested for those who follow APA style. It is much easier to make the least amount of mistakes you can, because you will have to correct them later on anyways. Rules state that the bibliography of your paper should start with the new page, with the title on the center. List alphabetically all the books, papers, articles, web sites and publications you have used in your essay, and make sure to enter all the names correctly. The name of the author should be stated first, then goes the name of the article or book you are mentioning, and at the end you have to point out the place and date of publications. All sources should be listed in the same manner.

  5. Find some examples
  6. Following all the rules can be confusing, especially if it's your first time writing an APA style essay. It will help a lot if you find some good examples on the internet, especially from former students and official web pages of American Psychology Association. You can always ask your professor to help you out, and show you some previous works of his students so you can get the idea how is the bibliography page supposed to look like.